Saturday, January 2, 2010

Celebrating 2010!

Here's one final scene of the party on New Year's eve, also known as Silvester in Germany - after St. Silvester, whose feast day falls on Dec. 31. . I drove by Konigsplatz (shown here) on the morning of Jan 1, and all you could see was devestation. There was debris on every spot of land, bottles for launching rockets lining all the roads, and piles of old firework shells. I was even concerned about driving down Brienner strasse, for all the broken bottles that lined the streets. However, within hours the cleaning crews had much cleared already. 2009 was a year more difficult that any of us could have imagined, but the feelings in Munich - as much of the world - are much more opptimistic for 2010.

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V Rakesh said...

Looks cool! Well taken!