Friday, January 29, 2010

And then the Scrooge

Not even 50 meters from the cool kids snowboarding (from yesterday) was the person I affectionately call the scrooge. I was walking around taking photos of everyone on the frozen pond. Coming from a place where lakes never freeze, it's quite a novelty to see so many people celebrating the Winter time on the ice. I approached for about 10 seconds, and he stopped the whole hockey game to tell me I was doing something wrong - a common German trait. His exact words were, "You are taking photos, but you don't know us. You are not allowed to take photos." What is it about the Germans who are so eager to tell you when you do something "wrong?"


Luca said...

And yet he agreed to let you post this photo online... i hope ;)

Hansey Pants said...

Ha! I travel to Germany nearly every year. This year I brought a newbie. The first thing I told him was "don't worry, if you screw it up, or mis-step, the Germans will be the first to tell you."


Hansey Pants said...

I concur, the Germans are very adept at assessing your error, or perceived error and addressing it post haste. There's no passive-aggressive leering with these people! I think i like it?