Monday, June 29, 2009

Reality Check

So yesterday I did a post about the great outdoors around Munich. And it’s true. Munich has some great opportunities for enjoying the outdoors – generally better than most places on earth. However, I thought I would share a good dose of reality with you – what Spring is really like in Munich. I have not been here long enough to know if this is normal or not, but we have had three straight weeks of rain. And I’m not talking about a quick sprinkle through town. I’m talking about a torrential downpour happening every day of the week. The thing that is a bit misleading is it seems quite sunny and nice in the morning, only to be caught with heavy rain, winds, and a 15 degree (Fahrenheit) drop in temperature as the day goes along. As much as I am impressed with Munich, it makes being here incredibly depressing as it feels like nighttime at 3 in the afternoon. So get out while you can and enjoy the two hours of sun in the morning before the monsoon comes through town. Between you and me…I can’t wait til this pattern ends.

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Eve in Munich said...

Hi Troy, I have to fill you in on this observation. Actually this IS a normal summer. It used to be this way year after year and that is the reason why practically entire Germany used to flea to the south (clogged autobahns!!!) during the school vacations. For the previous 5 years or so we have had decent or even super summers and everybody here got used to that (and strangely enough were not at all concerned about global warming!).
The rule used to be: pleasant spring, lousy summer, beautiful fall. Sorry ;-) Eve