Friday, June 12, 2009

Munich Flea Markets

OK, so I’ve been quite laxed over the last few days about posting, but it wasn’t by choice. The lovely resort we spent the last few days at in Croatia shocked us with NO internet access. Yes…it’s true that some places in the world still don’t have persistent wi-fi, but perhaps you have to leave the European Union to find them. So I’ll try to catch up over the next few days. As this is a Friday post, I think it’s worthwhile to mention a weekend establishment in Munich. That’s the weekly fleamarket at the Olympicpark parking lot. Of course, flea market is not one word, but it seems somehow appropriate to pull the words together, as is so often the case in the German language. And what better to find in Bavarian flohmarkts but Gnomes. It just seems somehow appropriate. You can find other Flohmarkts around town. Here’s a list of most of them.

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Mia said...

This Thursday, June 18, there is a huge neighborhood wide flea market in Glockenbachviertel. Should be really cool!