Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Moment of Your Own

Sometimes finding a spot for yourself can be pretty challenging in the city. I’ve shown you the crazy crowds at the English Gardens on a sunny day, as well as the endless skin at the outdoor pools. But early morning at the Olympic Park can be a place of refuge, solitude - even if there are thousands of people already using the park. For most of Munich’s history, this place previously known as Oberwiesenfeld (or upper meadow-field), was largely unused. It was used as an airfield before 1939, but the Munich-Riem airport left the Oberwiesenfeld deserted and unused. The Nazis planned to use this area as the central slaughterhouse and marketplace, but WWII hindered those plans. After the war, the area became known as the Trummerberg, which refers to a hill erected from the ruins caused by the bombings in the war. After the war, refuges from the Hungarian Revolution camped at the US Army facilities. Because it was largely vacant, the area became a perfect place for the development of the Olympic Stadium. And today, for most, the Olympic Park becomes a space where one can compete, work out, discover, watch, or simply discover a moment on your own.

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