Saturday, June 13, 2009

Munich's Other Schloss

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted about one of my favorite locations in Munich, which is Schloss Schleissheim – located in the Munich suburb of Unterschleissheim. It’s near the Deutsches Museum of Flight, and is by far one of the best castles around Munich. You shouldn’t expect a Neuschwanstein, but rather expect a laid back parkland that happens to surround three amazing castles and a long canal which is the center-piece of the Baroque gardens. What started out as a renaissance country house for the royal dukes in the 1600s, today is an amazing complement to Nymphenburg Palace – with less than 10% of the visitors and what seems to be more formal grounds. I’ve never been inside, but there is supposed to be very important examples of German baroque architecture in the Grand Gallery, the wide staircase, the Maximilian’s Chapel and the four state apartments. In the end, it’s nice to stop by on a weekday when you seem to be one of only 10 people on the extensive grounds, and notice some of the wonderful details of the Palace (as shown here).


Mia said...

I go rollerblading there! There is a great path that goes around the airport, and then ends at the biergarten ... perfect.

ECL said...

Das Schloss ist eigentlich in Oberschleißheim, nicht Unterschleißheim. Ich habe mir sagen lassen, dass Nymphenburg ein Vorbild für Schleißheim war. Beide Schlösser wurden von Enrico Zuccalli gebaut (s. Wikipedia).

Vor dem Schloss ist mein Lieblingsbiergarten!