Sunday, October 5, 2008

So What’s Next?

Two tourists stand at Konigsplatz and contemplate a post-Octoberfest Munich. What was there before Octoberfest? Oh yeah. There were those great museums – Glyptotek, pinakothek, Deutsches, Lenbach. There was that great altstadt opened to pedestrians only. There were those great lakes and mountains a stone’s throw away. And, oh yeah, a beer garden on nearly every corner in town. Yes. Octoberfest goes year round, and likely even better without the 6 million visitors. I’ve always argued that Octoberfest isn’t the best side of Munich. My suggestion, now that they are packing up the tents…rent a bike down at the central station. Ride through the English Garden or along the Isar, stop by for a visit in Schwabing or ride over to Olympic Park. Whenever you get tired, pull over and try the next beer garden. Each one has its own character and personality. You’ll find friendly people at every one. That’s our Munich!

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