Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hang Time

On one of the last nights of Octoberfest 2008, you see the maze of rides that cover the Theresienwiese . 16 days have passed since the first keg was tapped, and an estimated 6 million litres of beer have flowed since. Of course, you can’t serve that much beer without creating quite a dark side, one that includes more than 220 tons of garbage, 3000+ medical injuries, and the creation of the term beer corpses. You will also find your share of violence as the night goes along. There is talk of reform every year, but Octoberfest is so much in the fabric of Munich, based so heavily in tradition, and an event that is loved by locals and tourists alike. With many large events around the world, you see a mass exodus of locals, renting out their homes. Not so much in Munich. Dark side or not, the locals wouldn’t miss Octoberfest for the world. It's been an incredible adventure...until next year.


Fritzthecat said...

I enjoyed seeing all those great shots from Munich and found your texts very interesting. Haven't been to Munich in years, it's a beautiful city.
Maybe you'd also like to share some of your photos with the visitors of trivago and international community of travelers. I'm sure they'd find them as interesting as I did.

Michelle said...

Nice one - I'm sad it's over again :)

Fitter Happier said...

thanks for the tips and treats!