Saturday, October 11, 2008

English Oasis

You could be right here! Just use this Deutsche Bahn call-a-bike and you can get anywhere in the city. This rent-a-bike concept is quite popular throughout Germany. You register in advance, and then you can pick up bikes at set points all over town just by making a quick call. The website states that the bikes are high tech, but after seeing them I believe it’s only the call in system that is all that high tech. Although they do come with a spare seat for friends. It will run you about 9 euros a day, or you can rent much nicer bikes in Schwabing or at the Central Train Station for about 5 euros more per day. Either way, I don’t think there was any better place to be today than in the English Gardens, as the beautiful Fall weather continued in Munich. In the background, you see the Monopteros, which was created in 1832 on a hill constructed using left over building material from work on the Munich Residence.

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DeliaVSora said...

pretty, pretty, pretty!