Monday, October 13, 2008

Schwabing Hideouts

Sure, Schwabing is known as the area of town where the cool kids hang out. It is known as the old bohemian quarter of Munich, where Art Nouveu entered Germany. It’s also known for having the largest city park in Europe, with the English Garden. It’s also the art of the restaurant and café culture across Munich. What you may have not known is that there are endless courtyards like this one, where you can walk in and never want to leave. You can get lost in the colors, the peace, and the feeling of being so far out of the city – despite the fact that some of the hottest bars are 100m away. I think the primary thing that separates Schwabing from all other parts of Munich – is this contrast between being all alone and being at the center of the universe.

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babooshka said...

Another beautiful autumn image. I'm curious to know why it's referd to as the English Garden?