Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Declining Birthrate

There have been may factors that are said to be to blame for the declining birthrate in Germany: an over educated population that focuses on careers, marrying later in life, the cost of raising children, and of course the bedding. Surprisingly this isn't a photo of a burnt orange 'Asian' themed duvet, which is hopefully a dying trend.

Foreigners are often surprised to learn couples often sleep in their own bed that is pushed up to their partner's and don't even think about sharing covers - each person has his or her own!


Anonymous said...

i am german and married to an american. in the beginning we used to share one cover, but after a while, me ending up in the middle of the night without a cover cause hubby had them all and would not let go of it i went back to get a cover for each of us. it works out, we sleep much better and believe me, we still cuddle and are having a lot of fun in bed . . . oh and by the way, thanks for munich daily photo, i enjoy the pics cause i miss munich so much!

likeschocolate said...

I often thought that was strange. My mother-in-law while she has a double bed, she explained it is so great to have our own blankets. I think it makes for a messy looking bed, but that is just my perspective.