Monday, August 2, 2010

Auto Test

Germany is very car oriented with Audi + BMW in Bavaria and Mercedes + Porsche in nearby Stuttgart. On occasion you may notice a distinctly patterned car on the streets of Munich. They are unmarked, but nearly impossible not to notice. The bold patterns and swirling designs are meant to hide the contours of these yet to be released designs while giving their test drivers a better idea of how the car handles in real situations.

Stop and go city traffic (particularly around the Hauptbahnhof) as well as the stretch of autobahn between the airport + Allianz arena are hot spots to see these yet to be released cars.


likeschocolate said...

How cool!

SRQ said...

That's interesting! But, does one hide contours on vehicles like that? Must be a marketing idea. Afterall, don't the designs and swirls draw even more attention to the car?