Friday, April 2, 2010

Where’s the Flippin Beef?


In Munich, you are likely to find pork just about anywhere you go. In fact, in most of Germany you are about to find the same. I honestly don’t know the historical significance of Germany’s love affair with swine (aside from the fact that it’s cheap), but I can tell you that to find a good steak, you might as well drive the four hours across the border into France. So I was quite surprised to see this poster in the University district – set for Cohen’s Restaurant, with the slogan of “Cohen’s Restaurant goes with everything. Except Pork.” As it turns out, it’s a traditional Jewish restaurant with the influx of Oriental & Eastern European cuisine. Oh well, where have all the good steaks in Munich gone?


Louis la Vache said...

It's OK with «Louis» if they DON'T eat boeuf!

Go for the porkers!

Karin said...

OK, if you don't mind traveling up North a bit, to Garching, I'll show you the beef:

Farmers Cáfe and Steakhouse
Schleißheimer Str. 22
85748 Garching
phone: 089 / 3200 2988

Guten Appetit !