Saturday, April 17, 2010

Through the Eye of the Needle


A jet trail is visible behind the Olympiadorf, which was an amazingly rare sight in Europe on Friday.  Most air traffic came to a screeching halt throughout Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia; as Icelandic volcanic ash blanketed the continent.  15 of 16 German airports were closed on Friday, and Munich was the only exception – thanks to its Southern location.  On Saturday, even Munich joined the mix – with nearly all flights cancelled.  No telling how long the delay will last, but in the meantime millions of travelers have been stranded or are taking alternate means of transportation.  This photo was taken between the arches of the Olympic complex, a design chosen because it was so unlike the Nazi era bold block construction.  There has been construction going on for the past year or so (you can see the crane), but I’ve not been able to find information on what they are building.  Anyone know?


Steffe said...

No idea what they are building, but this is a very good photo.

Bill said...

That is a great picture, well framed.

mia said...

Yikes! I hope the travelers, and everyone else, remain safe. Great shot though. I love the angles :)

DoLittle said...

thanks for your interesting blog. I alway enjoy reading it although I've been born and live in Munich.

The construction is related to the renovation of the Olympic Hall until 2010 and the construction a new "small" Olympic Hall until 2011 adjacent to it. The crane on the picture belongs to the construction site of the new hall.
You can find additional German information about the combined project at
and English information about the new hall at

Hope this helps.


Youth_in_Asia said...

Love this photo. The perspective is great.

J.C. said...

Love this shot!! Great composition.