Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One-on-One With the Gods


A Spring time view of the top of a “German Athens” otherwise known as the Glyptotek, the showcase of the Konigsplatz area of Munich.  The entire area was designed by King Ludwig I as the location to house all the Greek antiquities.  And although the area is absolutely stunning, it pales in comparison to the buildings in their original form.  As an example, here is a picture of the lavish Glyptotek interior before the bombing of WWII.  If Adolph Hitler had his way, you would now see a grand boulevard on Brienner Strasse (one of the original royal roads) with endless museums lining the streets all the way from Konigsplatz to the other side of the Isar river.

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Lily Hydrangea said...

The architecture is really neat as are the statues. Thanks for the link to the interior too.