Monday, April 12, 2010

Bavaria’s BMW Escorted Police



Well, what else would you expect the Polizei of Munchen to drive but a BMW? With more than 32,000 police and nearly 6,000 civilian employees, Munich has one of the largest police forces in Germany.  Compared to many European cities, Munich’s crime is quite low, although there are occasional reports of murders and muggings, most often committed by youth groups around the U/S-Bahn late at night.  Actually, a significant percentage of Munich crime is committed by organized gangs from Eastern Europe.  Here are a few of the higher profile crimes in Munich over the past few decades.  In 2005, fashion designer Rudolph Moshammer was killed in his home. In 1998, Georgio Basile was released after killing 30 people, as he testified and led to the arrest of 50 Mafia numbers,  In 1994, known as the Plutonium Affair, a security person discovered 363 g of plutonium on a smuggler.  And finally, in 1972, you see the fateful day at the Olympics where Palestinian terrorists attacked the Israeli  athletes.

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