Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Window Dressing

Above Munich - Day 9: Overlooking the Ratskeller courtyard restaurant is no less than 50 gargoyles, in the inner courtyard of the rathaus. During the Summer, the Ratskeller opens its patio as a beer garden, as you have lunch or dinner within the gothic masterpiece. As intricate as the façade of the building is, the inner courtyard is surrounded with gothic tower, peaks, and faces from the past. Within the walls are what seem to be endless government offices, including the office of the mayor, Christian Ude. You will also find intricate stained glass outlining Munich’s rich history. As for the gargoyles, you will find them on many medieval buildings throughout Europe. The term itself comes from the French word gargouille – or throat, representing the gurgling sound of water, as gargoyles are generally used as water spouts.

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