Saturday, July 25, 2009

Munich's Downtown Domes

Above Munich - Day 6: I’ve shown the iconic double onion domes of the Frauenkirche many times, but never quite this close up and personal. This photo, of course, was taken of the North dome (which is currently under construction and the taller of the two – by only 12 cm) from the viewing point in the South tower. Although the church was constructed in 1488, the domes were not added until 1525 – and they overlook Munich at 109 meters – the tallest structure in Munich (defined by law). Originally, the towers were built to have spires, modeled after the Cologne Cathederal, but the design was changed because of lack of money. Instead the two domes were built during the Renaissance, and although they are mismatched stylistically with the rest of the building, they have become a landmark that symbolizes Munich.

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brattcat said...

Great shot. Really interesting compositon.