Sunday, July 5, 2009

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

There seems to be something going on every day during the Summer in Munich. I stumbled upon an open market set up in Hohenzollerplatz in Schwabing. The usual suspects were there – the craft sellers, the bakery, the bongo drums, and of course the beer garden. The platz is the center of this section of Schwabing. In the center of the platz there is a nice fountain, and it always seems to fascinate children as you can walk along the side without getting wet. Yet some decide to take the plunge (as pictured), and why not during one of the few breakthroughs of sun. This area is a great part of Munich, even without the market. It’s surrounded by bending residential streets, each with its own personality and altbau apartments – characterized by the large entry way and special character. It’s also right next to the Nordbad, one of the fun swimming pools around town.


Rob said...

Well done! Sehr schenes Foto!

Likes Chocolate said...

When the weather is warm, Germany is really the best. What a cute little boy! I hope he was allowed to get wet.