Monday, July 27, 2009

Gothic Munich

Above Munich - Day 8: I find this perspective amazing, as you see 20 or so of the gothic spires that surround the Altstadt. Munich underwent a revival of gothic arts in the 15th century, as it leveraged funding from the Salt trade that went through Munich. It was this time that the Old Rathaus (in foreground) and the Frauenkirche was built. Of course, everything you see in the photo was rebuilt in its original state in the 1950s, after being destroyed in WWII. In fact the tower was specifically destroyed in order to make room for tanks to enter Marienplatz. And it was 18 years later that the city council decided to rebuild the tower at 56 meters high. The building has seen many historical events over the years, including the first smallpox vaccinations in 1805, election of the National Assembly, and the initial recognition of Adolf Hitler. Today, the building is home to Munich’s toy museum.

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