Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yesterday Meets Today

In this photo, you see one of the amazing historical facts about Munich, that it was a city that changed forever during the end of WWII. You see the Alte pinakothek with its entire mid-section replaced many years after the recovery from the allied bombing near the end of WWII. More than 40% of the city was destroyed as a result of the bombing, and actually most monuments that you see today in Munich, actually weren’t rebuilt until the 60s, 70s, or even 80s. So that is history, but what about toda?. Well today, I can tell you of an exciting new development, and that is that Munich finally realized that locals stay out past 6 pm on weeknights – and therefore decided to keep museums open late. The Alte Pinakothek is open til 8 on Tuesdays, Neue til 8 on Wed, and the Modern on Thursdays. The Haus of Kunst is open til 8 every night til 8, and til 10 on Thursdays. This is a great way to see art and museums, as the crowds are long gone, and you can enjoy a glass of wine before getting a bit of culture. Thank goodness for change.

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