Friday, February 27, 2009

Secret Garden

As the sun came out and began the great thaw of Munich, I discovered this great secluded courtyard on the backside of the Fünf Höfe shopping center in central Munich. On a sunny day this would make a nice retreat from the crowds only meters away, but today it was completely desolate. That’s one of the great things about Munich, all of its hidden courtyards, alleyways, and streets that make it Munich. I suppose that’s true of any city, but it seems that Munich architects take this into account in their designs. Other hidden treasures that I’ve come across include the outskirts of the English Garden – beyond the Chinese Tower and Seehaus, where public park blends into rural forest. I also like the Wehrsteg and Auf der Insel, which line the Isar River. And in the center of the Altstadt, there are endless little corridors – each with their own unique shops and galleries. Finally, I love the small streets in Schwabing that line the edge of the English Garden (like those around the riding school), each with their traditional buildings that spill out into the park. If you have others, let us know of them. We promise not to ruin your secret gardens around Munich.

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