Thursday, February 12, 2009

Snow in the Salvator

Snow in the SalvatorIn the architectural feat that is the Fünf Höfe (or Five Courtyards), you have one of Munich’s latest shopping arcades, which opened in 2003. Each courtyard represents its own character, and this part of Salvator passage (shown in the photo) opens to the sky and lets the snow flow in. In another courtyard, 10 meter long ivies hang from the ceiling. Another sports pulsating lights. The endless passages are a modern version of what exists throughout Munich’s altstadt – and that is a maze of hidden passages with unique shopping around every turn. At one time, the area used to be Munich’s central banking district, and the outside still shows the 19th century stone, while the inner walls are made of steel and glass. As various banks merged into one, it wasn’t long before the entire area belonged to HypoVereinsbank. When Hypo moved out in 1998 to offices outside of downtown, the space was transformed into a modern center for shopping, restaurants, cafes, galleries, office space and residential apartments.

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Jacob said...

I love these arcades and your photo captures the essence nicely.

Great blog.