Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Simple Elegance of Bogenhausen

Nestled in the Northeast corner of town, Bogenhausen is one of the largest neighborhoods in Munich, and one of the most diverse in terms of architecture. The heart of the neighborhood lines Prinzeregentenstrasse, and is by far its most exclusive – with many turn of the century buildings that make it one of the most exclusive parts of the city to live. In addition to mansions that line the Isar, you will find a mix of consulate buildings and high end offices. As you travel north you run through a mix of modern villas built after WWII, and then eventually hit the high rises of Arabellapark, which were built to meet the demand for hotel rooms during the 1972 Olympic games. Many Munich celebrities call Bogenhausen home, and perhaps it’s most famous was tennis star, Boris Becker.


Inkster1 said...

I travel to Munich once a year and frequently stay in Bogenhausen. I just love it although it is a little way outside of the city proper.I have a favorite Italian restaurant in the little shopping mall near the movie theater behind the Bogenhausen Sheraton. I eat there at least once every time I am in Munich, and I always shop at the grocery store. I enjoy seeing Munich through your eyes.

Tanya said...

Beautiful window, very simple yet elegant!

Chuck Pefley said...

I, too, like to photograph the inside from the outside. I sometimes wonder if I'm being too curious and could be accused of invading somebody's privacy, but I still do these kinds of photos. Very nice.

headbang8 said...

Bogenhausen can't be that exclusive. They let me in!

автор said...

I live in the heart of Munich - Bogenhausen. If you want to see my photographs, please don't hesitate:):