Thursday, April 3, 2008

Boys Will Be Boys

In the English Gardens, just North of the 2R ring road is a spot where a small group of locals meet nearly every weekend to play – what I would describe as German curling (without the ice). I am not sure the real name of this sport, and will have to ask some of my local experts, but it looks like fun and keeps the regulars coming back. It’s sort of a mix between shuffleboard and curling. So around noon, you can often find them - beers lined up on the side, cracking better jokes than tosses, and all having fun as one of the boys. ADDITION: For the record, the sport is called “Stockschießen” normally Ice Stick Shooting and you can find more information at (Thanks Andreas for this bit of fact finding).

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Kelly said...

I stayed for three weeks in Munich during the summer of 1983, living the whole time in an apartment in Schwabing, around the corner from the Munchener Freiheit station. I remember the plaza there had giant chess boards/pieces, and this reminded me of the crowds that would gather there to play. Thank you for the memory!