Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Asian Persuasion

Munich is well known for its traditional Bavarian cuisine. Weisswurste with freshly baked Brezen is a local favorite eaten before noon. An urban myth claims it’s a great cure for a hangover when mixed with beer, when in fact it was simply the best time to eat them during the non-refrigerator era. However, it’s the international cuisine that is getting noticed more and more often. Of course, being the “northernmost Italian town,” Italian is the most common import, but with more than 5000 restaurants you can find everything from Bavarian pork knuckle to Sushi. For those in search of new options, here is a good restaurant guide and breakdown by district. Some of our early favorites include the Park Café for Bavarian, Enchilada for Mexican, Sangeet for Indian and Antipasti for Italian

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