Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Orleansplatz always is an interesting place. It's usually a transient area with Ostbahnhof, bus station, and several tram lines nearby. The transient nature also is a favorite for usually harmless drunks and druggies. Many of the trees have been marked to protest their removal in preparation for the second S-bahn line.


Yardbird said...

That looks cool and beautiful. I can almost hear the water. What is the crime like in Munich? I used to live in Southern California, and parks/areas like this are dangerous in LA.

Another question I have for you if you don't mind- I'm studying German and I listen to a news radio station from Munich (B5) for listening practice. People have advised me that I should listen to a station from a more central part of Germany to get a more representative sound and vocabulary. Would you agree? Is there a significant difference?

Thanks again.

Munich Daily Photo said...

While we do have crime here it's really not a major issue. The English speakers have nicknamed the city 'toy town' because it's so safe. It's also no uncommon to see older people out late or on the subways and I feel safe walking on my own when it's dark. I'd venture to say LA is much more dangerous than Munich.

Listening to anything German will be an asset for you. You'll probably pick up a bit of the Bavarian dialect, but you can change it up by listening to other areas as well. Many of the news broadcasters speak hochdeutsch, so that helps.