Thursday, July 8, 2010

Opera in the Park


OK.  I’ve mentioned it many times before, but I’ll do it again.  I love the Hofgarten.  The former garden of the residence, with its neo-classical arcade, and its well manicured lawns.  I came by the other day and a beautiful woman was singing one of the famous operas over lunch.  When you combined the picturesque backdrop of the arcade and the Theatinerkirche and Odeonzplatz behind it, with the new-found sun that has brought everyone out to the parks – it was absolutely perfect.  One of our first weekends after moving from Paris to Munich, we met a family from Salzburg – and they said that Munich was a much more cultured city than Paris because it had two city orchestras.  While I can’t argue this point, I can say you are not likely to repeat such a scene in the US.  I believe this is a uniquely European experience.

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