Saturday, July 3, 2010

And Now Reality Sets in


Four hours after the party began, was the realization that Germany would have to face Spain in the semi-finals of the world Cup. On paper, Spain looks like the top team by far in the tournament. It was the odds-on favorite coming into the event. With that said, Spain has looked shaky in early rounds. We sat outside last night watching the Spain/Paraguay match with a slew of Germans hoping to meet Paraguay in the next round. But after Spain beat Paraguay 1-0, the next match up between the European nations was set. On the opposite bracket, the Netherlands will play Uruguay. Europe was the big flop of the last round, with big names Italy, France & England going out; but with all three teams surviving to this round, it is likely for an all Europe final.


Kate said...

Congratulations! Terrific game, wasn't it? Don't be too sure about the final...strange things happen during the World Cup!

likeschocolate said...

Yeah for Germany! My husband lost his voice with the shouting of the last game.