Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sex in the City


Well not exactly, but you can see the underlying story of the popular HBO TV series. The show is really about the bond between women, and their connection to the city beneath their feet. I came across this much younger crew in the middle of Munich, and it was the first thing I thought of. The Munich Altstadt is a place for meeting, a place for shopping, a place for being you. I met a couple today looking for the way to the Altstadt, and I realized that this is the area that foreigners know as Munich. The old buildings, the outdoor cafes. It’s hard to believe that it was absolutely destroyed in WWII and painstakingly reassembled based upon the meticulous documentation by Nazi troops who knew they were about to be defeated. They utilized color photography for the first time and documented – street by street – all of downtown. Today, we are completely thankful for it, and for creating an environment where girls can be…well girls.

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