Friday, May 21, 2010

Ready to Take Over the World


I love the image of this little bike about to take over Max-Joseph-Platz.  The grand arched building in the back is the Hauptpost or main post office, which was built in the former Palais Torring-ettenbach.  But I’m sorry to say that it is a facade.  The entire building is gone as they rebuild from the inside, and the facade is the only thing remaining.  It is draped with an image of the facade, which I love about European construction sites.  I have to say it’s quite strange to see this thin line of the facade and no building behind it.  The 12 column arcade, when not under construction, is one of the more elegant buildings in Munich.  No big surprise, it was inspired by Tuscan style, built after the Pitti and Rucellai Palaces in Florence.

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