Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Best Beer Hall in Munich


Yes, I know.  Those may be fighting words.  This is the heart of good beer, and you don’t mess with breweries that have existed for 700+ years.  But when you seek something beyond the touristy Hofbrauhaus, or even the traditional Ratskeller (I actually really like this one  a lot), and the unfriendly aire of the Lowenbraukeller – you need to check out the Augustinr Braustuben.  Built into the edge of the famous Munich Brewery, the Augustiner Braustuben is also subsidized so the food and beer is amazingly inexpensive.  In true Bavarian fashion, think long benches and celebrating a nice brew with those you’ve never met.  Of the original big-6 breweries in Munich, this is the only one that is still family run (all others are owned by conglomerates like In-Bev).  It was founded in 1294, but moved to this location on Landsberger Strasse in 1885.  To this day, you can still see the beer trucks exiting onto the busy street, beer being brewed as you eat, and a great festive beer hall just outside the center of the city.

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