Sunday, March 14, 2010

Luxury Makes a Comeback


Although car companies have taken a beating over the past few years thanks to the weak economic climate, several German car manufacturers surprised the market by turning a profit in Q4 – all based upon their sales of luxury lines.  What does that have to do with Lamborghini, you may ask.  Well, it’s actually a German run company these days, as a subsidiary of Audi, which in turn is a subsidiary of Volkswagon.  Yes the Italian icon, known for sleek designs, speed, and luxury – isn’t all that Italian anymore, and it’s supporting Volkswagon’s recovery as one of the few lines that are profitable.  Likewise, BMW returned to profit, only because of the success of their high end 7 series, while sales of the rest of their product lines remained weak.

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Bill said...

Thank you for informing us of the car ownership of Lamborghini, I really had no idea.