Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Lake House


One more image from the icy English Garden, this time of the famous Seehaus located about 1 KM from the famous Chinese Tower.  If memory serves, the Chinese Tower seats about 6500 people, the Seehaus can seat 2500, and if you continue just a bit further North to Hirschau, you get about 1000 seats.  Each site along this progression becomes less touristy and more intimate.  The Seehaus, pictured here was actually built in 1789, and it was encapsulated in the plan of the American, Benjamin Thompson, who was the Bavarian Minister of war and social reformer, and promoted the idea of a National park.  There are few other places like it in Munich.  Even from across the half-frozen lake, you can see people sitting at the lake side to enjoy the view, the swans, and the local brew.

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