Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Gravy Train

Friday 091

Munich’s public transport system, MVG, won top honors as the best run and serviced network in Europe by the Automobile Clubs of Europe. Despite my frustrations with the S1 line’s checkered on-time record (and showing up record for that matter), MVG had the best on-time record, functional connections, and multi-language kiosks (introduced in the past 6 months). Other networks that received high ratings were Helsinki and Vienna. The Automobile Club’s only criticism of the network was its price. Along with London, no other city in Europe charges more for a single ride. That hasn't stopped locals from taking the public transit. A seperate study commissioned by the National department of transportaion shows that 50% of locals use public transportation, the highest in Germany. Ironically, the study also shows that Munich locals have more cars per capita (every other person owns a car) than any other city in Germany. So what can you make of this? People in Munich are well paid (enough to buy cars), environmentally consious, and certainly leverage the heck out of their transportation system.

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6-3-2 said...

The S-Bahn are in part run by Deutsche Bahn so you can give a little blame for the lateness. As far as the cars go, it should also be noted that Munich is home of BMW, so the car culture is a course stronger their than in most other cities.