Sunday, February 14, 2010

Modern NY Living – but at a Price


One of the many modern building developments in Munich now.  Previously I talked about the 1600 units being built lining the train tracks of central Munich.  This development, which I affectionately call the “Big Dig” was kicked off several years ago and the first phase is done, and the second is just a huge hole in the ground.  It sits between the famous Lowenbrau Keller, and the neighborhood of Nymphenburg.  The views of the apartments and sky terraces are incredible, but so are the prices.  Most of these developments were created prior to the global financial crisis, and there’s no telling how many of these units will remain vacant in the short term.

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Samual said...

He has given us a phone number, which I tried to call once and got voicemail, and the address of apt and his company's office. So in that sense it seems legit. But I'm really not convinced.

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