Saturday, February 6, 2010

Minute Munich Details

One of the great things about Munich is finding some of the endless little details that make up much of its character. I have come across these shutter locks in several places around Munich. This one was in one of the outer burroughs of Munich (un-officially known as the subburbs) called Ramersdorf-Perlach, on an inn called the Wagnerhof, built in 1826. I looked the building up, and it seems it's just like 10 others historical buildings in the little village; and the village is just like 100 more in the surrounding area. What happens when incredible historical buildings are just the norm - the center of every community, the setting for every village? Coming from the West Coast of the US, where nothing is more than 100 years old, I think all the small details are amazing and provide a lot of context for what Munich is all about.


JuelleAnn said...

Being a native CA, I agree about the age of buildings and what we "assume" as normal. However, I would point out that there were native villages in place long before the Spanish Conquistadors and explorers landed. We just never saw them. It would have been interesting to preserve a few for we future generations just as an example.

anla said...

we are going to visit Munich in april so I am glad to follow your nice blog

Troy said...

It's a great time to visit Munich, as soon as it hits Spring. Let me know if you need any ideas on things to do while in Munich. All the best for your travels.