Sunday, February 28, 2010

I Speak English, Wall Street English


Home of irritating advertisements all over Europe, it’s the Wall Street Institute.  It’s slogan is, “I speak English, Wall Street English!” as a focus to help in your career.  The fact is that most people in Munich already speak English very well – whether it’s Wall Street or not.  Further, most locals don’t at all mind speaking English.  In many cases, they want the opportunity to practice the language, so unlike in many countries around Europe – most Munich locals are not offended if you even open the conversation with English.  For me, I think the best is always to ask if people speak English first.  It shows a bit more respect before diving in.


V Rakesh said...

This sorta thing is catching up here in India too!

Laneris said...

I find Wall Steet ads not irritating but rather funny, especially this one "check your English for free"

Louis la Vache said...

«Louis» agrees!
He was irritated by the Wall Street English ads when he lived in France.

His experience was that many Parisians speak English and wanted the opportunity to use it. This wasn't helpful to «Louis» who wanted to learn French. His experience was that the French appreciated his efforts to use their language, no matter how badly he fumbled.