Monday, October 5, 2009

One More Round

Oktoberfest may be finishing today, but we certainly are not. Oktoberfest officially ends today, but I may stretch it out a few more days because we have plenty of impressions to share, stories to tell, and photos to post. Here's one from the Paulaner tent, which I would describe as crunchy on the outside, but juicy in the middle. The outside rows of the tent were filled with company sponsorships, where everyone was festive, and enjoying the novelty of being at Oktoberfest. On the other hand, they were all quite reserved (at least for the first few hours) as they knew there would be stoires for years among their co-workers. With nenough beer though, even the largest barriers are forgotten and everyone was soon toasting wiht all the tables aorund them. In the middle of the tent though, near the band, that's what I lovingly call the Mosh Pit. With everyone standing on the benches and tables, it was like walking sown a narrow hallway, with revelers hanging over each side. It was simply amazing. This couple was clearly leading by example.

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