Friday, October 16, 2009

Munich Marathon

First of all, sorry for my delay in posting. I've been absolutely hijacked by T-Mobile, and have lost my internet access. Not a good scene. I'm posting this over the cellular netowrk. Also not a good thing. But let me let you know what you've been missing in Munich. First of all, we had the 24th annual Munich Marathon, where over 10,000 runners pound the pavement - in this case the cobblestone pavement in front of the Glyptotek Museum. This shot was taken at the KM post 35, and the band was out in full force, rooting the runners on. I'm not sure who this band is, but I see them all over Munich, and they are an absolute blast. So much so, that this character caught me looking in between drum beats, and in the end stole the show.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this picture. It brings back memories; I ran (and completed) the 1987 version of the race.