Saturday, October 3, 2009

Apres Wiesn Party

Just because Oktoberfest shuts down at 11 pm each night, doesn't mean the party stops around Munich. All over the city, you will find Apres Wiesn parties lasting into the wee hours of the morning. Many of the local bars take a big hit as residents and guests stay at Oktoberfest, and this is one of the ways the bars keep Oktoberfest profitable. This was the scene at one of our favorite beer gardens, the Park Cafe. A local DJ was guest starring, but it was the two go-go girls who seemed to steal the show. The Park Cafe is one of those places that doubles as a Sunday brunch location with live Jazz music, and as a lively club at night. It's proximity to the central station and the Wiesn, meant it was packed every night after Oktoberfest, and this night was no exception with about 500 people there.

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