Friday, January 23, 2009


Move over Barack, Munich is saying let’s see Michelle. Once the inauguration was over, all the Munich newspapers turned to interest in Michelle. You could see headlines like Sexy, Sexy! And this one questioning if she will be the next Jackie-O. In all fairness, Obama-Mania has swept the world, and certainly has run through Munich. Europeans in general seem to be keeping emotion in check, with many of the people I have spoken to around Europe saying “let’s see if Obama can really make a difference.” Although many Americans would argue that Obama already has made a difference by giving many hope for the future (something super important for Americans, which many Europeans don’t understand), Europeans, in general, tend to be much more skeptical of government impact. In Munich, where you would not necessarily describe the locals as emotional, they are taking a wait and see approach to it all – and seeing more of Michelle seems to be what they like most.

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