Friday, January 16, 2009

Ice Palace

Welcome Back. Happy New Year! We returned to a very cold and very active Munich. As long as the sun was out, everyone was enjoying the outdoors. Hundreds of skaters came out to take advantage of the frozen canals in front of Schloss Schleissheim, just on the edge of Munich. It was as if it happened every weekend, with locals clearing off patches of ice to skate on. The palace made a great backdrop to the frozen weekend. And it seemed on every little pond, you could find a make shift hockey game or kids skating. The Schloss was built in the 1600s in French style. The Schloss is the length of 335 meters and encompasses enormous French gardens which line the canals. Although badly damaged during WWII, it was reconstructed in 1972 based upon ancient records. I hear, you could even skate on the canals leading up to Nymphenburg Palace, but we decided not to as they charged everyone and there seemed to be 10 times the number of people of Schleissheim. I’ll see you soon out on the frozen canals.


hmstrjam said...

awesome! I wish I could be there, have fun skating!

Walker said...

I think there was ice everywhere in Europe with the cold weather. Excellent capture.

headbang8 said...

Welcome back, TZ.