Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Tis the Season

Christmas is EVERYWHERE in Munich. If you want to see Munich in its finest, come during the Chriskindlmarkt celebration, where there are 4-5 markets in the Altstadt alone. I went downtown last night, and there were thousands of people, not just in the markets, but shopping, walking around, hanging out in cafes, drinking Gluhwein. It was nice to see such amazing life in downtown. The unseasonably clear weather has certainly helped as well – although I hear we have chance of rain turning to snow beginning today which may liven things up even more. Here you have the tree overlooking the Marienplatz market, which is nice to see but I understand is really only for tourists (see all the price tags) – so expect high prices. One that was particularly festive was the Medieval festival, located in Wittlesbacherplatz. Expect a few scenes from there in the coming weeks as I’m sure to visit again soon.

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