Thursday, December 4, 2008

Apple Takes a Bite Out of Munich

The Apple “Cathedral,” as it was called by the local papers, opened this past week in Munich to much fanfare and huge crowds – all ready to make early Christmas purchases. The 251st Apple store is actually the first in Germany, and is quite the site with two stories of gadgets, computers, music players. It is the first of five stores that will open up in Germany in the coming year. The space will be used over the coming weeks – not only for sales but also for concerts and events to drive traffic to the store. Rumors of a store opening up in Munich circulated for years, and it looks like they got the opening done right; with big cheers from the large crowd, a victory lap by employees to get the crowd pumped up, and the Steve Jobs faithful ready to come back again and again. This shot, of course, lines up Ipod Nanos in the pattern of the Bavarian flag.

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