Monday, January 17, 2011

Olympic Preparations

While we're not certain if the Winter olympics will come our way we're still doing things the German way - being ultra prepared and having a finesse for detailed engineering. This is an image of the plans near the construction area at the Olympic Park. I'm not entirely certain what they have going on there, but the subterranean shell looks mighty interesting. I'm curious where it will have foot traffic, similar to the Opera House in Oslo. The latest stat is that 60% of the area wants the Olympics. We'll see if the other 40% can be swayed with Katarina Witt's campaign.


Akira said...

I've been here at the Olympic Park! It's nice to look back and check out more sights of Munich which I could have missed and also bring back memories of sights I've enjoyed during my 2 weeks there.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the great job!

football said...

good photo collection