Thursday, December 31, 2009

War Zone

New Years in Munich - It's like nothing I've ever seen. I was drawn out of our apartment about 10 min after mid-night by the endless thundering of fireworks. I will note that we live on one of the quietest streets in town. Despite that, the street was crowded with revelers from nearby parties, who spilled out into the streets to see the festivities at nearby Konigsplatz. There were at least 5000 people there, all lighting off fireworks at random. It was tough to determine exactly where you were safe at all. Pictured here is a man with a launching pad strapped to his arm. You can see the fireworks taking off in the frame, along with 5-6 others in the background at the same time. Absolute mayhem. I lasted about 10 minutes before getting the hell out of there.

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carey said...

I know, it was crazy! We were in Tutzing by the lake, and the fireworks and the sulfur fog left by them, along with the revelry and the church bells was something like I have never experienced before! Thanks for the pics of the neighborhood--I am beginning to think that we might live close...anyhow-all I got to see was (and continues to be) the leftover debris! Happy New Year to you!