Saturday, January 26, 2008


What better way to kick off Munich Daily Photo than with The Frauenkirche or The Church of our Lady. It is the most prominant symbol of Munich and the most visible landmark of this amazing Bavarian city. The Frauenkirche sits just outside Marienplatz, Munich's main square; yet is approachable mostly by small alley ways and pedistrain corridors - which makes for some amazing views. The church was built in 1488, although a chapel has stood in it's place since the 13th century. The church's distinctive copper onion-domed towers were added in 1525, and stand 358 feet high. Although partially destroyed during WWII, the Frauenkirche was rebuilt along gothic lines, thanks at least partially to the detailed color photos taken by the nazi party once defeat was imminent. I was attracted to this image because of the statues looking over the famous church, as time and technology (the stream from the airplane) marches on.


Hyde DP said...

welcome to the world of DP

LynzM said...

We're planning on moving to Munich in late August... I came across your blog from ToyTown and am so thrilled to get these glimpses into the city! :)