Thursday, November 20, 2008

Munich's Red Light District

Well…Red Light District is certainly a stretch but perhaps it got your attention. After all, the brothels (yes they really have them) are outside of Munich, according to the dialogue on Toytown. Keeping with yesterday’s theme, here’s a bit more of Munich’s naughty side – one of its best well known strip clubs – Sexyland. It’s located just south of the Central Train Station on Schillerstrasse, and you can likely find 20 or so within 3 blocks of the station. Some are a little more inconspicuous, going by the name of cellar bars and without a lot of advertisement. But there’s no mistaking this, and many others around town. I like this photo because you see the well dressed couple walking in perfect unison, yet he seems just a bit more interested in the photos than she is.

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